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This is an overview of the news and views published on the Wittenborg University Website and Wittenborg Online!

Date Title
2017/06/06 Wittenborg looks back at another successful workshop event at Neso Russia
2017/05/31 Fast-Track Degrees? – Will the UK push the concept to the limit, and will 2-year degrees lead to increased employability?
2017/05/29 Wittenborg Student's Dance Academy a Hit with Dutch Women of All Ages
2017/05/27 Chinese Delegation from Wuhan University Cements Relations with Wittenborg on Visit to Apeldoorn
2017/05/25 Apeldoorn in the Top 10 of Happiest Cities
2017/05/23 Wittenborg Lecturer Attains PhD in Finance after 3 Years of Hard Work
2017/05/21 'Debbie' - Internationalisation more than just an international classroom or study abroad.
2017/05/18 Wittenborg a Top Choice for Student Satisfaction - Results in from NSE 2017 - the Dutch National Student Survey 2017
2017/05/18 Wittenborg a Top Choice for Student Satisfaction - Results in from NSE 2017 - the Dutch National Student Survey 2017
2017/05/17 Wittenborg Graduate Off to Italy for Masters in Food Studies
2017/05/15 Brazilian Students Highly Interested in Dutch Degrees as Wittenborg Makes First Trip to Brazil
2017/05/11 Neso China: Partnerships Key for Dutch Universities Wishing to Attract More Chinese Students
2017/05/09 Wittenborg Wants International Students to Impact Economy, says its team at AACSB Conference in Vienna
2017/05/06 Non-EU Students Allowed to form Start-Ups During Studies
2017/05/04 UK set for more higher education uncertainty
2017/05/01 Spoorstraat building open for lessons on 5 May - Liberation Day in the Netherlands!
2017/04/28 Wittenborg pays a visit to Beijing Dongcheng Vocational University
2017/04/26 Wittenborg pays visit to Neso China
2017/04/25 Wittenborg Student Benefits from Internship Opportunities in Apeldoorn
2017/04/23 Wittenborg Students Visit 3 Hotels in One Day
2017/04/20 Wittenborg Shines in Campaign to Promote Apeldoorn City
2017/04/17 Rwandese Student Trailblazing His Way to Two Degrees at Wittenborg
2017/04/15 Wittenborg Concerned about the Promotion of Holland's Binary Education System in China
2017/04/13 Wittenborg's New Brochures "Show its Diversity"
2017/04/10 Wittenborg Now Member of Prestigious AACSB Club