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Data Shows Wittenborg is the Most International Institute of Higher Education in the Netherlands

With international students making up 89% of its student body, is Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences the most international institute of higher education in the Netherlands? 


Half of PhD Students in Holland Are International

Almost half of the doctoral students who work at universities in the Netherlands are international, a study released by the Association for Dutch Universities (VSNU) has shown.

At Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, the coordinator of its School of Business, Dr Rauf Abdul, and the coordinator of its School for Hospitality, Esther Gitonga, both fall into this category, as does Wittenborg tutor and lecturer George Bosire.


Higher Education in Apeldoorn Comes Full Circle with Saxion after Wittenborg's Move from Deventer in 2010

The official opening of Saxion University of Applied Sciences’ brand new location in Apeldoorn this week marks the culmination of a long process to create a hub for higher education in the city which started with the successful establishment of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in 2010.


Wittenborg is Fastest Growing HE Institute in Stedendriehoek: Interview with CEO Maggie Feng

For the past two years, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has been the fastest growing institute of higher education in the Stedendriehoek region where it is located, encompassing 7 municipalities and home to more than 413 000 people.


Brexit woes, or opportunities?

Transnational higher education and international students seem to be central themes to the discussions in UK higher education circles at this moment. 'Times Higher Education' has published numerous articles on the subject since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Of course, research funding is also a hot topic, however changes in the movement of degree programmes and students across international borders will have direct economic impact on institutes, but also on the overall economy as a whole.



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