Our Team of Professionals & Researchers

Our Team of Professionals & Researchers

Teun Wolters, PhD - Researcher at Wittenborg University

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, MBA

Mr. Ashfaq has also delivered numerous guest lectures in the area of traditional finance, Islamic finance, banking, global halal industry, corporate governance and Islamic law in various institutions as well as conducted a TV lecture series at Paghiam TV. Mr. Ashfaq has written various research articles and has attended and spoken at several national and international conferences in more than 25 countries. He is an established publisher and have contributed several chapters in different books and co-edited a book on the topic of Finance, Ethics and Islamic banking.


Teun Wolters, PhD - Researcher at Wittenborg University

Dr. Gilbert Silvius

Gilbert Silvius (1963) is an experienced lecturer, researcher and consultant, with a focus on project management and information management. He has over 20 years’ experience in organizational change and IT projects and is a member of the international enable2change network. Gilbert has published over a 100 academic papers and several books and supervises academic research at several universities across Europe. He initiated and developed the first MSc in Project Management program in the Netherlands and is considered a leading expert in the field of sustainable project management.


Teun Wolters, PhD - Researcher at Wittenborg University

Marieke Timmer, MA

She obtained her BA in International Hospitality Management at Stenden University continued by an MA in International Service Management as a double degree from Stenden University and London Metropolitan University. The last 12 years she has been working in the hospitality industry, eco-tourism, several NGOs and hospitality universities all over the globe. By working with Wittenborg University she wishes to develop knowledge in areas such as customer service, CSR within the hospitality industry and experiential hospitality through lectures, research and project weeks.

Teun Wolters, PhD - Researcher at Wittenborg University

Bert Meeuwsen MBA Med

Has experience on complex national and international assignments in public, and private sectors. Especially achieved in situations showing a diversity of cross cultural, business and organisational situations e.g. change management, Asia/Pacific region. Proven environment and organizational orientation on a senior level, with respect to people, and results. He is a creative visionair and has a persuasive inspiration, while energetically active on all kinds of organisational levels. Leadership based on ‘Servant leadership’ and education based on 'Learning by doing' are his focal points. All activities are aimed on well-being of clients, staff, students, and their subsequent objectives. As a result of his executive consulting and coaching, as well as educational experience he enables others to achieve the results they long for.


Teun Wolters, PhD - Researcher at Wittenborg University

Bas van Santen, MSc

After receiving his propaedeutic degree in Electrical Engineering, Bas switched to Chemistry and received his Bachelor degree in October 2011 at the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. In 2011 he started his Master International Business & Economics at the University of Utrecht and gained his Master of Science in October 2012. He joined the research team of Wittenborg in 2014 to support the GREAT project. With his knowledge on business and economics, Bas will also provide further support to project manager to streamline the flow of the project. Furthermore he is taking care of the Projects (Financial) Administration.


Teun Wolters, PhD - Researcher at Wittenborg University

Dr. Geert de Haan, MSc

Geert de Haan has a Msc in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Leyden and a PhD in Computer Science from the Free University, Amsterdam. He has been active in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Cognitive Ergonomics, trying to adapt Information Technology to the capabilities and limitations of human users and to find ways to make computer systems functional, easy to use, easy to learn, and pleasant to work with. Connected to a variety of universities (Twente, Eindhoven, Maastricht, VU Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam Applied Sciences), Geert worked on a number of Dutch and European research projects on design methods, intelligent wearables, e-healthcare, cultural heritage and media design.


Teun Wolters, PhD - Researcher at Wittenborg University

Esther Gitonga, MSc

Esther has a Master’s degree in leisure tourism and environment management from Wageningen University. After graduating with honors in Hospitality & Tourism management at Kenyatta University, Nairobi Esther has extensive experience in the hospitality and tourism industry in operations and higher education in Kenya and the Netherlands. She is currently in her second year of her PhD: Wildlife Tourism in the face of Climate Change. The project is jointly supervised by Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen University.


Teun Wolters, PhD - Researcher at Wittenborg University

Dr Teun Wolters

Dr Teun Wolters is  an economist by training and an experienced business researcher/consultant. He obtained his PhD in economics (labour studies) at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU). The last twenty years of his working life had a special emphasis on corporate sustainability in research, consultancy, publications and education.  By working with Wittenborg University, He envisages to develop new knowledge in areas such as strategy and sustainability by means of research, publications and lectures. http://www.wittenborg.eu/dr-teun-wolters.htm


Dr Saskia Harkema, Leading Researcher and Lecturer at Wittenborg UniversityDr Saskia Harkema

Dr Saskia Harkema holds a degree in Sociology and Business Administration. In addition she did her PhD at the University of Nyenrode on ways to improve innovation within organisations. Research topics she is interested and involved in, cover the broad range of subjects related to innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity  and change management. She is interested in innovative ways of approaching the behaviour of individuals in an organisational setting, be it public organisations or private enterprises. http://www.wittenborg.eu/dr-saskia-harkema-mba.htm


Dr Saskia Harkema, Leading Researcher and Lecturer at Wittenborg UniversityLucy Omwoha, MSc

Lucy is actively involved in academic research within the University on topics related to social entrepreneurship, event management and innovation in the hospitality industry. As an individual, Lucy is a highly analytical professional with an eye for detail while at the same time being able to fit an abstract puzzle to a whole. Her specialty is strategic management, event management, process innovation and human capital management.
Lucy is a PhD candidate with particular interests in management of human capital, events and process innovation in international Hotel Chains.


Dr Joss VosDr Joost Vos

Multi Party Collaboration is the core subject of Joost Vos. He did his PhD on collaborative practices of executives in the city of Rotterdam on behalf of vulnerable citizens. With a consortium of universities he performed a longitudinal study on collaboration between care and justice in the approach of habitual offenders. He believes that today’s complex societal issues cannot be solved without the entrepreneurship of professionals who ‘go the extra mile’ and show border crossing behaviour. http://www.wittenborg.eu/joost-vos.htm


Dr Saskia Harkema, Leading Researcher and Lecturer at Wittenborg UniversityDr Mirjam Leloux

Dr Mirjam Leloux started her career after a PhD in Pharmacy at Akzo Nobel Central Research. In 2005 she started Leloux Science & Business, a consultancy firm specialized in technology transfer. In this capacity, she is now working as a technology transfer consultant for universities, research institutes, SME’s and single inventors. Dr Leloux is also involved in research on technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Her current interests are on technology valuation, and criteria for successful technology transfer.


Dr Frans Hikspoors

Dr Frans Hikspors has been doing research mainly in the area of work centrality, work values, commitment, P-E fit and Public Service Motivation. His first publication has been published in 1995 in the International Social Science Journal. In 2011 his PhD study on work values was published and in 2012 he was the major author of a book chapter on work centrality published by Routledge. Currently a study about work values trade-unions is under review.

Dr Charles Lindveld

Background and extensive experience in applied mathematics, statistics and information science. Dr Charles’ interests are with; data analysis, analytics, mathematical and statistical modelling and operationalising such models in software. Dr Lindveld is self-employed at Apeldoorn Analytics focussing on consultancy in the areas of applied statistics, operations research methods, transportation planning, and GIS. Current research interests: economic feasibility of Smart Grids, Big Data.


Dr Theo Bosma

Dr Bosma holds a PhD degree in Organisation and Management from the Capella University in the USA. His core competences are organisational behaviour, management and leadership as well as computer and information resource management. Dr Bosma has been involved in many researches, coaching a number of MBA students with their master thesis. His personal research areas of interest are entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, diversity management and HRM / leadership topics.

Dr James Bowen

Mr Bowen has both practical and research based experience in entrepreneurship and  simulations/games. He was the sole author of two books discussing the creation and growth of high-tech product companies. He published his third book “The Entrepreneurial Effect” that drew upon his network of entrepreneurs in a collaborative approach and focused on lessons learned from entrepreneurs and investors. The second in the series was published in the fall of 2011. His current interests are with new entrepreneurship models and exploring simulation/games for teaching.



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