Wittenborg University Location - Apeldoorn

If there is one city in the Netherlands where living and working, commerce and recreation, natural beauty and urban style all come together, it must be Apeldoorn. It is the 12th largest city in the Netherlands situated in a central location and only an hour from Amsterdam. With more than 150 thousand inhabitants it is a natural location for a progressive, successful business school. Apeldoorn’s attraction to large and small companies is evident, as the city provides more than 100,000 jobs within the municipality.

  • Wittenborg University's main campus is situated in Apeldoorn
  • In two buildings on the North and South side of the railway station
    • NEW! Spoorstraat Building- Postrgrduate / Master Programmes & Research Centre- checkout the video here 
    • Main Building - Laan van Mensenrechten - Aventus Building for Undergraduate Programmes
  • Apeldoorn is the 12th largest city in the Netherlands, situated in a central location and only an hour away from Amsterdam
  • This safe and accessible city has 150 thousand inhabitants and attracts many types of companies
  • The number of companies in Apeldoorn exceeds 7.5 thousand, making it one of the top business cities in the Netherlands; an excellent location for a business school!
  • The region is a well developed hospitality and tourism area, that attracts over a million visitors a year
  • Large sections of the public sector are located in Apeldoorn, and this alongside insurance, banking and information technology companies provides the municipality with more than 100,000 jobs;
  • Apeldoorn has enjoyed a long relationship with the Dutch Royal Family and two of their palaces are located in the leafy suburbs of the city
  • Apeldoorn is situated on the edge of the Veluwe, which is the Netherlands' largest natural open area, stretching from Apeldoorn to the west of the country, and renowned for its wildlife and natural beauty